Reverse osmosis water cooler filtration and purification experts acknowledge that water cooler dispensers based on reverse osmosis are superior to even high quality activated carbon filters, distillers, and sediment removal based systems.

The primary difference is that an RO water cooler removes more types of impurities and at higher levels that the other methods can by themselves. The reason is that reverse osmosis systems usually purify the water three ways.

RO Water Cooler Dispensersystems typically use a pre-filter to remove sediment particulates like soil, rust and sand. Next, an activated carbon filter takes out the chlorine and other substances that affect water taste and color. In the third stage, the osmosis water filtration membrane removes harmful dissolved solids, including heavy metals, salts and chemicals.

The bottom line… RO systems clean your water at the molecular level.


The most important component is the RO membrane itself.
A typical membrane consists of three different layers.

  • A very thin polyamide barrier on the outer skin
  • A microporous polysulfone second layer
  • A non woven web of polyester

These three layers together provide this ultra high quality filtration process known as reverse osmosis or RO.

A reverse osmosis water system (RO Systems) is now a common alternative to the treatment of household tap water, especially for drinking and cooking applications. An RO system process filters undesirable materials and other contaminants from you water by way of pressure, which forces the water molecules through semi permeable reverse osmosis filters. This type of reverse osmosis system removes organic ionized salts, colloids, and other molecules.

PureWater Dynamics systems use high efficiency RO membranes which result in water containing low dissolved solids from local tap or other sourced water for various commercial applications. Purified RO water is most commonly used in applications including medical applications, laboratories, ice makers, restaurants, humidifiers, coffee shops, print shops, and manufacturing operations.

When using reverse osmosis filters, PureWater Dynamic’s RO drinking water systems are designed for both point-of-use residential and commercial applications. These systems can be critical, especially when environmental organizations release informative reports to protect the public from contaminations. For example, in 2010 when Chromium was found in thirty-one of thirty-five cities in the U.S. A popular movie, Erin Brockovich, highlighted the dangers of the presence of Chromium six in consumer tap water. Reverse osmosis filters are the best system designed to remove these contaminants from drinking water.

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