Renting vs. Buying Water a Dispenser Cooler

Most businesses realize the importance of fresh clean water for the optimum health and performance of their employees. The choice of renting a water cooler dispenser which offers worry-free maintenance and the assurance of fresh clean pollution free drinking water is sometimes difficult. The opposing decision is to just buy one and take care of it ourselves.

So, how do you choose from the wide selection of water dispenser coolers? Equipment quality is, of course, an important element. A professional water cooler service company will typically use high quality equipment that will last and require minimal maintenance and few water dispenser parts, while going out and looking for one to buy will incentivize you to go for the less costly model. The benefit of leasing a system is that the cost is low, quality high and maintenance free.

Rental Options

Your choices for in-office water dispenser coolers include havinga bottleless water dispenser with water plumbed in from a constant source or stand-alone, when a water feed is not available. Other options include under-counter water coolers and countertop coolers. In every situation you’ll be sure to have a continuous source of clean, pure drinking water essential to the health and productivity of your employees.

Terms for a rental service are typically all inclusive of delivery, installation, sanitization, repair, maintenance and periodic filter replacement. You typically find that rental/leasing arrangements will be made on an annual basis for the first year and then month to month after that. With a fixed price you are better able to manage cash flow and costs.

When renting water dispenser coolers, you’re getting a highly dependable, quality system with maintenance support to ensure that when something happens that requires immediate assistance, you have a local service company ready to react quickly. In fact, your unit will be immediately repaired or replaced without any issues or extra cost. PureWater Dynamics offers a high level of service at very competitive rates for Colorado customers.

When you purchase a water cooler outright, you’re setting yourself up for service call charges, filter replacement service calls and no support should anything occur that needs immediate attention.

If you’re the office manager responsible for the employees refreshment station or office kitchen, you know that after a difficult day’s work of meetings and projects, and the pressures of work, a glass of cold great tasting water can provide just the boost you need. In addition, filtered water that feeds your water dispenser coolers can also feed your office coffee maker and be used for making soups and teas. The hectic office environment can have an oasis of great beverages, especially purified drinking water.

If you’ve looked for water dispenser coolers for your office, you know that there can be a wide variety of options to choose from. Although the design of the units you review will be slightly different, the functions are basically the same with a few options, such as:

  • ·         Cold & Tepid
  • ·         Hot & Cold
  • ·         Hot, Tepid and Cold

In addition the standard water filtration, you may have the option for a Reverse Osmosis filter, which when added provides an additional level of filtration, removing more chemicals and metals out of the water than a traditional system.

Typically, your employees will notice the difference in taste and quality of high quality water dispenser coolers. Bottled water coolers often develop unacceptable levels of bacteria in and around the water holding tank due to the manhandling of the bottles off and on the cooler unit.

So, if the health of your employees is of concern, then a hands free water dispenser coolers should be your first choice. If there is no access to feeder water, then the water dispenser bottle style may be required. Either way, when taken care of properly your appliance can help employees achieve better health than drinking tap water or polluting with the ever present fast food water bottles.

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