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The fact is that most municipal water is contaminated with organic chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine, parasites and many other toxic contaminants. After much research, the EPA concluded that US water supplies contain more than 2,300 chemicals that can be traced to one or more causes of cancer. This is why more and more people are installing water filter systems for home use.

The big travesty today is that now we find that most bottled water is not really any more pure than your typical tap water, it just costs a lot more. In addition, the pollution caused by all of the plastic water bottle refuse is huge. For both environmental and health reasons, people are moving away from bottled water towards home water filters. The question is:

What Type of Water Filters Systems for Home Use are Best?

The good news is that most quality home water filtration systems provide much higher quality water than bottled water and at a fraction of the cost. Even better is the convenience of making it right in your own home. PureWater Dynamics is a Colorado company that provides water dispensers for home use that utilizes the highest quality reverse osmosis home system for water filtration.

Unfortunately, here in the United States in our industrialized society, over 80K toxic chemicals are used every single day, and more than one thousand are being added each year through industrial research and development. The problem is that we are finding that eventually, most of the chemicals we use find their way into our drinking water.

As we all know, water isn’t continually created, it just recycles itself again and again through evaporation, condensation, rain and so on. Over time we are using more and more man-made chemicals which continuously increases the proportion of toxic chemicals in our water supply.

Why Is This a Problem?

Our municipal water treatment technology is designed to handle the problems of a more agrarian society where nearly cleaning the junk out of the water and killing the bacteria were of paramount importance. Most of today’s toxic chemicals weren’t getting into our water supply. There was a time when removing the visible particulates and using chlorine to kill most of the bacteria was good enough. Today, we know that water is not really that healthy unless we also remove these high levels of synthetic chemicals.

Back in the early part of the last century only one in fifty people in this country would get cancer; today that number is one in three. In our male population, its one out of two and one out of eight women get breast cancer, that’s an increase of three hundred percent within the past twenty years alone. It’s becoming clearer that more and more of these synthetic chemicals are being linked to these statistics.

Cancer is a Disease of Civilization

Many consider cancer a man-made disease caused in a large part by our modern lifestyles that include stress, unnatural diets, synthetic products, pollutants and a host of other effects of modern society. It’s been reported that pure uncontaminated water is one of the most important considerations in preventing degenerative diseases, like cancer.

We are constantly told to improve our health by drinking more water. Water is the body’s method of ridding itself of natural and unnatural toxins and by-products of being a living organism. When the water we use for this cleansing purpose contains contaminants, we are putting roadblocks in the way of this cleansing process and adding harmful by-products instead.

Home Reverse Osmosis Systems

Many have begun using home reverse osmosis water filtration systems. These RO water filtration units are small enough to fit under your kitchen sink where the only thing you see is an attractive spigot sitting right next to your regular kitchen faucet.

These in home reverse osmosis filters are the most economical, effective and convenient way to provide purified drinking water for your home. For your health, you can’t go wrong with a home RO water purification system.Call 303.922.4383 today, to determine the best equipment for your home.