Today, your office water cooler supplier will tend to offer more than a thirst quenching device. The water filtration cooler is often located in the company kitchen or area where employees gather to discuss issues of the day.

The water cooler dispenser enables constantly available high quality drinking water that can be used for making teas, soups, coffee and other refreshments which are important for keeping  office personnel working at a high capacity.

In contrast to a typical drinking fountain, an office water cooler with filter provides a better tasting and much higher quality beverage, and has the added advantage of being more flexible in regards to installation and location.

Typically, a water cooler can be equipped with a paper cup dispenser or, if you prefer, employees can use their own glasses or cups and avoid the paper and plastic bottles typical in the office environment. Or, employees can bring their own water containers and keep a larger quantity of drinking water at their own desk.

Pretty much any type of company or office environment is appropriate for a professionally filtered office water cooler. They can be installed in a mechanics garage or a professional boardroom. In either case, you’ll have great tasting cool water that will be appreciated by your employees.

Today’s water coolers are also more attractive than offered in the past, with the additional benefit of being more environmentally friendly compared to your typical office vending machine. When shopping for a solution for your office your main decision will be whether you want bottles or a bottleless system.

Traditional Bottled Water Dispensers

For years most of us have seen the traditional bottled water coolers in offices just about everywhere. You have either a plastic or glass 5 gallon bottle delivered and placed upside down on top of the cooler unit. You options could include tepid, cold and/or hot water for use in making hot beverages or soup.

The benefit of a bottled water cooler is primarily when you have a location where there is not available water lines to tap into. For example, in a remote warehouse. Most office buildings do not have this limitation. It’s obvious ease of installation has made it very popular over the years.


  • Convenient for any location
  • Doesn’t need a water feed
  • Better than typical tap water


  • Quality can be poor
  • Water delivery costs
  • Lifting and storing the heavy bottles

The downside is pretty obvious, i.e., you’ve got to lug those bottles around, lift them and store them somewhere in the office. One other issue is that this handling creates contamination around the spout of the bottle and contributes over time to bacteria buildup in the unit.

In addition, the expense of constant delivery and pick up of the bottles contributes to the cost and expenses associated with this type of service.

Bottleless  Water Coolers

Filtered water coolers are getting better known today because of the higher quality of water and better taste. These units use water filtration units and tap into a main water supply, thereby eliminating the need for constant delivery of bottles, constant changing of bottles and storage of bottles. That’s a lot of benefits. With bottleless water coolers, not only that, but you avoid the possibility of employee injury lifting those heavy bottles!

The filtration mechanism inside the unit ensures that only the purest water is made available for drinking. There is little manual handling of any part of the unit that comes in contact with the water, thereby reducing the contamination issues. In addition, there are several levels of purification that can be used within these water dispenser units.

One added advantage is that the newer units are stylish and have a modern office looks. They are also available in numerous colors, depending on how much you want to invest in a designer cooler.


  • Constant supply
  • Reduced contamination
  • No storage or lifting of heavy bottles


  • Initial installation costs can be higher (often included with service)
  • Requires a water source
  • Periodic replacement of filters is necessary

The fact is that office water coolers are an essential part of any office environment where there are 10 or more employees who work within the same general area or workplace. Even in those areas where there is limited access, water can often be easily piped in to feed your company’s water coolers.

It’s a fact that a well hydrated employee is a happy and more productive one.

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