Since it’s almost universally accepted that an office water coolers supplier can help to promote a healthier environment in your place of work, why not take advantage of this low cost employee benefit as an alternative to the typical office soda machine? You’ll certainly get commended for it and at the same time, reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

POU Water Cooler Dispenser

Some of the benefits include:

  • Less cost than bottled water delivery
  • Eliminating the storing and lifting bottles
  • Countertop units are a space saving alternative
  • Contemporary designs enhance your office kitchen
  • Purified water is better for your health
  • Both hot and cold spigots are available

In most cases a water cooler supplier or distributor will provide a variety of water treatment systems to meet just about any need. You may be looking for a point-of-use water cooler dispensers, stand up or countertop, that provides cold and hot water, or a system to feed your coffee maker.

The good news is that some companies provide a free trial so that your can try the best water cooler for your office before you buy. Typically what you’ll find is that the taste is far superior to the bottled water you’ve been getting in the past. Even better bottle less water coolers reduce the risk to employee injury and significantly reduce pollution to the environment.

In the Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs communities, PureWater Dynamics has been serving Colorado businesses for more than twenty years. As a family run business, we’ve been able to serve thousands of customers’ office water dispenser needs using primarily bottle-less water filtration systems to feed coffee makers and other office kitchen appliances. The primary focus is on customer service and regular maintenance, delivering the latest in drinking water technology.

One thing for sure, our customers know the importance of providing healthy clean water to keep their employees hydrated and to enable them to improve the taste of their morning coffee, tea, soups, and ice makers. Both large and small companies save money when using a water filtration service. Some have needs for a simple stand alone water cooler in one location, while others have multiple floors, buildings or large manufacturing facilities. No job is too large or too small.

PureWater Dynamics is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Colorado Proud and the Colorado Restaurant Association.

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