Health grade water

Health Benefits From Using a Kangen® Water Machine

Kangen® Water gives you, not only delicious and healthful ionized and alkaline drinking water, but also four other types of health water, including Antioxidizing, Detoxifying, Alkalizing and Hydrating. The anti-oxidizing effects neutralize free radicals and improve energy. Alkalizing effects provide a healthy pH balance to counteract acidic foods and promote general well being. The Detoxifying effects support digestive health by cleansing the colon and promote the elimination of wastes. Improved hydration effects provide better hydrating ability to absorb important nutrients.

How Does The Kangen System Create Ionized Alkaline Water?


The Kangen® Water System removes contaminants and other unwanted chemicals (chlorine, etc.) from municipal tap water through a sophisticated ion process and charcoal filtration. The ionization process takes your tap water and separates it into two streams, one is your alkaline water, while the other is the opposing acid water.

Kangen® Water Has Been Proven In Japan For Over 30 Years


Japan has spent more time and money on water research that anywhere else in the world. It started over 30 years ago when an influx of acid rain was causing severe problems. A conversion of doctors, engineers and scientists worked together to solve this issue. The result is a drinking water machine that was able to provide a higher alkalinity to their drinking water.

The manufacturer, Enagic, developed a practical technology for use in these machines. In fact,Enagic water machines are being used in over one hundred clinics and hospitals, and in more than three thousand eating establishments. These industrial strength ionized water machines perfected the development of the home alkaline water system. Because Enagic is the original equipment manufacturer, they have been involved in the R&D and distribution of the product from the beginning, you are provided with a higher quality product.

It’s been almost fifteen years since the first home ionized water system was introduced to the consumer market extending these same benefits to home use. It’s only been within the past few years that these sophisticated alkaline water machines have been available in the US. Since that time, popularity of the Enagic water system has been remarkable because of its success in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

What’s Behind The Science of Ionized Water?


The technology of creating negative and positively charged ions using electrolysis was invented over fifty years ago. But, it was in Japan that the process was perfected and introduced for use in hospitals over twenty-five years ago.

Alkaline water is created by an electrical process that initiates the hydrogen in water to take one of two forms: the first is H+ (hydrogen) with a + charge creating an acidic water. The other form is hydrogen that bonds with oxygen, OH- (active hydrogen) creating alkaline water.

Water is changed through ionization so that the body tissues are able to be saturated more effectively. Its often called micro-clustered since the molecules are grouped together. This is what enables the water to be more hydrating to the body. As a result toxins are more efficiently forced out of the body.

Kangen® Water


In Japanese, the meaning of Kangen is ‘return to origin’ which is intended to mean that Kangen® water takes your body to a position closer to its original alkaline state. This micro-clustered, hexagonal water in nature occurs in glacier ice or high mountain snowmelt. The result is a water that has a six sided hexagonal structure that is much smaller that your typical water and can penetrate the body much more effectively.

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