What is Water Filtration?

During water filtration undesirable biological contaminants, minerals, chemicals and sediments are removed or reduced from a water supply in order to improve the quality for drinking, cooking, or commercial and industrial use. There are a number of methods used to purify water for use as an office water cooler, sometimes several different modalities are used at the same time.

Home Use

For home use, water quality is regulated at the municipal water supply, so additional filtration for home water systems are dependent on your preference and goals. For those filtering water for health reasons, often a dual system may be used that removes sediment, harmful chemicals and biological contaminants, without use of a boiling water dispenser.

Medical and Industrial Use

For medical or industrial use, typically, the highest quality is required. Home systems are typically used to remove sediment and unwanted chemicals like lead and chlorine. Scientific and medical systems require more complete purification of biological contaminants as well as harmful or corrosive chemicals.

In poor countries where municipal water supplies are not adequate and sophisticated filtration units are not available or affordable, boiling water is the key to removing biological hazards. Even so, harmful chemicals are not removed and people can still get sick. With a high quality home water purification system, you are able to have safe and improved water right in your home. This extra security can give you and your family the peace of mind you’re looking for regarding your drinking and cooking water.

Home Water Filters

Home water filters will almost always use a carbon filter as a base in combination with a reverse osmosis system to improve taste, and remove both pollutants and harmful chemicals. Simple tap filters will use a carbon and sediment type filter to improve taste, while the addition of an RO system provides a much higher quality and purity.

When a reverse osmosis is used, placement is usually under the sink with a point-of-use tap next to, but separate from the main water faucet. This way it is easy to use for drinking and cooking, saving cost and water by focusing it on specific uses. For filtration of showers, laundry, baths and bathroom sinks, a whole house water filtration unit is typically employed. These are not RO systems, but do provide very high quality water for external body use.

Industrial Water Filtration

Commercial water filtration almost always is installed at the point where the water enters the particular area of use, or even at the main entrance to the building itself. Medical offices and laboratories will incorporate two separate systems, an RO system that feeds Autoclave steam cleaners, as well as filtration systems that feed the entire facility. These additional filtration systems are specific to the requirements or application, providing increased purification.

Water filtration systems include everything from cooking/boiling the water to sophisticated multi-stage treatment facilities. The good news is that for either home water filters or commercial water filtration, cost-effective systems are available that take the worry and maintenance out of the equation so that you can rest assured that your needs are met.

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