Kangen® Health Grade Water - Powerful hydrogenated restructured ionized water. Alkaline and antioxidant rich. Water systems and water delivery for your home or business.

Alkalized Ionized Health Grade Water

PureWater Dynamics installs and services Kangen® Health Grade Water Systems.

Kangen® Ionized Water

For wellness, nutrition, effective performance, better hydration.

Proven Water Technology

Contaminants removal paired with home alkaline water systems.

Unlimited Supply of Water

Instant hot or cold water for a healthy lifestyle.

Fresh, Health Grade Water

Delicious, healthy ionized and alkaline drinking water and more.

Kangen® Ionized Water Dispensers

This home or office water ionizer, creates three properties.

1. pH levels – Different levels of hydrogen called Potential Hydrogen (ph).
2. Micro Clustered water or tint hexagonal shaped H2o molecules (wet water).
3. Rich Antioxidants or Negative – ORP ( oxidation reduction potential) anti- aging and healing properties.

The internal filter removes many of the harmful chemicals contained in tap water. It then uses high powered electricity through electrolysis to separate the water into alkaline and acid streems. The Alkaline Water gets its antioxidant properties and the micro clustering as a result of this process.

Alkaline water or Ionized Restructured Water is a proven method to help bring back a proper pH balance to our body. This water will detox pollutants in the body’s tissues,organs and blood. Various studies show that using alkaline water improves absorption of healthy minerals by 30% over lower pH water.

This alkaline water is also a natural super anti-inflammatory. Re-Hydrating the body six times faster than processed filtered, bottled or tap water, some say, it never gets to your stomach. Imagine working out longer and harder than ever before, cooling the muscles and removing lactic acid buildup that makes you sore.

You Get 5 Types of Water

Enagic water ionizing machines will produce up to 5 different types of water:

1. Strong Kangen® Water (pH 11.5) Uses: Emulsifying oil, cleaning oil, pesticides off fruit and vegetables, cleaning windows, counters, floors, anti hangover liquid, cutting acid reflux and more.
2. Drinking Levels (pH 8.5-9.0-9.5) Uses: drinking, cooking, plants, pets and more.
3. Neutral “Clean Water” (pH 7.0) Just filtered Uses: time release medicines, cooking, plants or just drinking water
4. Beauty Water (pH 4.0-6.0) Uses: hygienic purposes, skin
5. Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5) Uses: disinfectant, sanitizer.

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