Health grade water

Kangen® water certified

Enagic water ionizing machines will produce up to five different types of water.

Strong Kangen Water – pH 11.0

This pH 11.0 water is a cleaning water that has dissolving and heat conducting effects. Use with food preparation, cleaning washing dishes, stain removal, all without the use of harmful chemicals and detergents. Use in the bathroom, kitchen, even on windows. Often called environmentally friendly water because of its ability as a cleaning solvent, pH 11.0 strong alkaline water has numerous uses:

  • Emulsifier: add 1 Tbsp. to dressings to keep oil emulsified.
  • Digestion: drink small amounts 45 min. before meals to enhance digestion.
  • Cooking: Soak dried beans, seeds, and grains to speed up germination or cooking.
  • Tenderizer: Soak 10-15 min. to drain off blood & reduce strong smells, and as a tenderizer.
  • Clean fruits & vegetables: to clean deeper and revitalize your fruits and vegetables.
  • Clean clothes: pre-soak clothes to help remove grease spots.
  • General Cleaning: helps clean vents, kitchen floors, counters, dishes, cutting boards, knives, etc.

Kangen Health Grade Water – pH 8.5-9.5

This is your health grade water, perfect for drinking, cooking, pets, and a lot more. This high alkaline water or ionized water is where you’ll find health water benefits.

  • Drinking water: eliminates acid waste and helps to alkalize the body.
  • Drink during meals: assists in balancing the effects of acidic foods, e.g., meat, eggs, sugars, sodas, white flour, etc.
  • Drinking water for pets: less odors of body, feces, and urine.
  • Cooking water: draws out natural flavors of soups, beans, rice, stews, pasta, potatoes, etc.
  • Blanching water: great for preserving vibrant colors of vegetables and enhances natural flavors.
  • Soaking meats: soak 10-15 min. to drain off blood and reduce strong smells.
  • Soaking fruits & vegetables: use to clean and revitalize.
  • Water plants & flowers: helps with alkaline loving plants and cut flowers in vase.
  • Water for coffee & tea: helps to pull out the flavors and enables you to use less coffee/tea.

Neutral Clean Water – pH 7.0

Your Enagic machine removes chlorine, rust and cloudiness from your water, leaving the pH at a neutral level. This is delicious drinking water and is great for baby formula and for taking medications.

  • Clean water: has chlorine, rust, lead, and other impurities removed.
  • Drinking water: delicious taste and still contains the natural mineral in your water.

Slightly Acidic Water – pH 4.0-6.0

Excellent astringent effects make it great for use in gentle cleaning such as for hygienic purposes and beauty care.

  • Washing dishes: sparkling clean dishes.
  • Polishing: Great for mirrors, eyeglasses, glass objects, windows, and knife sharpeners.
  • Housecleaning: use on hardwood floors, ceramic tiles without a sticky residue.
  • Add to bath water: will keep tub free of rings. Bathing warms the body and keeps skin beautiful.
  • Face washing: Use as an astringent for toning and firming skin. Use as a toner after shaving.
  • Hair care: Use instead of rinse after shampoo to reduce tangles and add sheen.
  • Pet care: groom pets to obtain soft and shiny fur.
  • Cooking: speeds up cooking time. On boil eggs for no leaking if cracked and peels come off easily.
  • Frozen foods: when sprayed before freezing it will maintain flavors better.

Strong Acidic Water – pH 2.5

  • Use as a disinfectant without the harsh chemicals to sanitize bathroom and kitchen utensils and countertops. It is a safe and effective hand sanitizer and is even used for commercial sanitizing requirements. But, pH 2.5 is NOT suitable for drinking water.
  • Washing hands: After washing rinse with strong acidic water to disinfect.
  • Clean cuts & scrapes: spray on skin for cuts or burns to sanitize.
  • Soak feet: helps to resolve fungal toenails and athlete’s foot.
  • Disinfectant water: good for cold sores, pimples, skin blemishes and to disinfect tooth brushes.
  • Washing metal: wash with strong acidic water, then rinse with tap water and drain.
  • Countertop cleaning: spray on countertops and other surfaces to clean and disinfect.
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