The Colorado Front Range is full of beauty. As a family, we love to get out in nature as much as possible. Our favorite is to take a creekside hike so the kids can play in the water or to have a picnic at a nearby park. To have as many of the experiences as possible I look for time-saving and money-saving opportunities.

Family life is full of daily rituals. On a typical weekday, I may work from home or the office. Drop off my child at my sisters home for play dates, picking him up, stop by the grocery, and make dinner. Then include other errands, emails, or planning and I have little extra time.

Life on a busy schedule and tight budget does not mean that I sacrifice the health and wellbeing of my family. In fact, I take great care to research ways that help me save time, save money, and limit our impact on the environment.

Safe and healthy drinking water has been my latest concern. I used to believe that paying for water was a waste of money. As a child, we drank straight from the tap in our kitchen. Were there toxins in our water? Possibly. The more I learned about lead contamination from old water lines and other possible hazards, the more I realized that tap water was no longer an option for my own family.

I needed to improve the drinking water in our home, but without increasing our monthly budget or spending precious additional time. I began the search at grocery stores, then looked at water filtration systems and bottled water delivery services in my area. I was surprised to find all the options that were available.

Drinking water in the Colorado Front Range

I researched as many options as I could find. I have listed here the most relevant drinking water options for a family or an individual. Some options work best for those who live in a larger city, but they are the most practical and cost-effective options that I could find. Each of these solutions had its pros and cons but in the end, I found a winner for my family. 

Spoiler Alert: A bottled water delivery service was our clear choice. Read on to learn how I chose this option and how to select the best company for your family.

Different options for filtered drinking water

1. Buy water by the gallon at the store

Every grocery store has shelves upon shelves of bottled water. Plastic one-gallon jugs and 12 oz bottles line the aisle. We tried picking up a few of these for about two grocery trips before it was very clear it was not a good option. 

We go through at least 2 gallons of water a day at my house which makes for a very heavy grocery cart. Nor do I enjoy carrying those bottles into the house. It is also difficult to see the incredible amount of waste created, even though we recycle. The plastic piled up in our bin quickly as we each drank multiple bottles a day.

Unless I am going on a camping trip and need extra water for the trip, we needed another option. 

2. A filtered water pitcher like the one Denver water recently sent its customers.

Refillable pitchers reduce unnecessary waste and effectively reduce lead and other contaminants. However, there was still the problem of sheer volume used per day. I would often refill the pitcher 4 to 5 times a day.  

These pitchers may be great for an individual or couple, but not a thirsty family. We would have needed to get at least 1 or 2 more pitchers. Which would have taken up our fridge or counter space that we do not have to spare. This option was better than buying individual bottles but was not the best option for us.

3. Self-fill 3 or 5gallon jugs at the grocery store

Inexpensive and less wasteful, the water refill station at the grocery store was a good option. We tried this for a few months and had great results. I liked using the 5-gallon jugs for both drinking and cooking. If I refilled them 3 at a time I did not need to take them each grocery trip.

But, I grew tired of lugging around heavy bottles. 3-gallon bottles weigh about 25 lbs and 5-gallon bottles weigh over 41 lbs!!! With stairs to climb each trip, I could not justify this as a long-term solution. I also wanted more options than the one Reverse Osmosis filter at our grocery. I was also interested in mineral water, alkaline pH water, and distilled water. These each have advantages; more on these options below.

BPA-free water bottles

Another important consideration was the type of plastic used in the bottles. I worry about additional contaminants. For example, the bottles would get very hot in the car on summer days, causing the bottles to leach unknown chemicals into the water. 

Tip: If you do choose the self-fill option, be sure that your bottles are free of BPA. Glass bottles are also available but they add weight to the trip and can be expensive. 

4. Under the sink filtration systems

I have lived in a home with a Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration system underneath the sink. It was easy to use but a real pain to install. If not done right there is a risk of extensive water damage from a leak, and it can cost thousands of dollars for repair.

However, it did provide great tasting water. Once the filter change schedule was on the calendar it wasn’t much hassle. If I owned my own home, we would consider this option.

Tip: if you choose an RO System use a licensed and insured professional company that can maintain and service your system.

As a renter, under the sink filtration was not an option. Our property management, like many, will not allow us to install these for fear the system would leak. If I owned my home I would look more for home filtration system options, but for now I needed something else.

 5. Bottled Water Delivery Service – the easiest solution for my family and most people

Bottled water delivery service has been a life-changer. I no longer create excess waste from one-time-use plastic bottles. There are no heavy 5-gallon containers to lug upstairs. I have peace of mind that the water my family is drinking is safe and free from contaminants. 

There are many services to choose from in our area. It took me some time to research these businesses as well. I mainly look for experience, reviews, and price. PureWater Dynamics is the friendliest and most affordable service provider in the area.

Advantages to a water bottle delivery service.

1. Heavy bottles are delivered directly to your home. 

There are two size options: 3 or 5-gallon bottles. I am relieved to no longer carry heavy jugs up my stairs. It had become a burden to unload the car and move everything inside while still juggling the food and a child. I can get my workout at the gym. The PureWater Dynamic delivery people are also very friendly.

2. Water dispensers can be included in your service. 

PureWater crock & bottleThis is a very nice perk which allows me to reduce another thing to research and buy. PureWater Dynamics has several options from which to choose: A countertop set or a free-standing set that both come with a crock. Our stand fits nicely and is out of the way next to the pantry in our kitchen. You can also choose a free standing dispenser that serves cold and hot water. A good option for tea drinkers. 

3. An affordable solution. 

Our plan costs about $1 per day for healthy and safe drinking water for my family. I do not usually buy subscriptions or delivery services, but the reduction in hassle has been well worth a slight expense. The added value to my life goes well beyond $1 a day.

4. A greater selection of water.  

I have enjoyed trying each of the water options that PureWater Dynamics has to offer. It was a pleasant surprise to have so much variety compared to the one system at the grocery store. 

Choosing the right option was easy. The salesperson at PureWater Dynamics was able to explain each option and its benefits when I set up my account. Below you can read a bit more about the 4 selections they offer for home delivery: Mineral Water, Reverse Osmosis Water, Restructured Alkaline pH Water, and Distilled Water.

Bottled Water Home Delivery Options

Mineral Water

PureWater Dynamics uses an advanced 7-stage purification system. Toxic chemicals like chlorine, lead, heavy metals and other contaminants are removed. This is ideal for drinking, cooking, and making coffee or tea.

Reverse Osmosis Water

Reverse Osmosis Water is chemical and contaminant-free water including 99.9% metals and heavy minerals. This is the purest water available.

Restructured Alkaline pH Water

Restructured Alkaline pH Water is super hydrogenated water. Health grade alkaline water hydrates your body faster than bottled water or spring water. Returning your body back to its natural pH level.

Distilled Water

Distilled quality water is ideal for humidifiers, home medical devices like CPAP machines, and all household appliances requiring mineral-free distilled water.

PureWater 3 & 5-gal bottles

Learn more about PureWater Dynamics Bottled Water Delivery.

Choose the right filtered water service

Competition is tight in the water bottle delivery business. I am happy to have found PureWater Dynamics on my first try. Their service has been excellent and the deliveries have gone smoothly each time. I trust in their ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ and it has been easy to work with them. Any time I need to adjust my delivery schedule all I have to do is make a quick call. 

I also appreciate that they have been in business since 1987 and have excellent online reviews. Two indications that I was going to have a good experience.

Tip: If you are looking for other services in your area  keep a few things in mind.

If you are looking for other services in your area I suggest keeping a few things in mind.

  1. Make sure they have been in business for over 3 years.
  2. Check their Google My Business Reviews.
  3. Don’t sign a contract before speaking with their sales staff.  You want to find out how your delivery company will manage vacations, special deliveries. Do they service your dispenser? Will they deliver in case of an emergency? Ask for references.

I am glad I took the time to look at all these options for my family and I’m pleased to have found PureWater Dynamics. I highly recommend them to friends and family. You should give them a try.

Tip: If you are a homeowner, PureWater Dynamics Home Water Purification System is also a great option. You can learn more about Home Water Purification Systems.

Business owners should also consider their Office Drinking Water plans.

Cool Glass Of Filtered Water