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There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a water filter for home use. The reasons for choosing home water filters range from health concerns to better tasting beverages and food. Since we are constantly bombarded lately with TV commercials claiming that for a few dollars we can have the highest quality water with “zero” contaminants. I can tell you that that claim is far from accurate.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

home reverse osmosis filter


Home Reverse Osmosis System

Many products on the market try and claim that they are using some new technology or that they leave certain minerals in the water for a balanced ph, but the truth is that the highest regulations in the country related to medical and health centers are using reverse osmosis water in their steam sterilizers instead of distilled water because the resulting water is very high quality and not standing water where bacteria and other contaminants can develop.

reverse osmosis home system uses a water filtration combined with reverse osmosis to give you excellent tasting oxygenated water that can’t be beat.

Filter Pitchers

The small filter type pitchers that we see advertised lately can remove some of the foul taste by filtering out ¾ of the chlorine, some metals and various solids. Even so, many of the bacteria and dangerous heavy metals are not eliminated.

Another factor is price. You often get what you pay for, but it’s important to first determine what you are looking to accomplish. If health concerns are paramount, you’ll want to make sure that you are removing 99% of all harmful contaminants in our municipal tap water.

Municipal Water

Municipal water treatment systems use chlorine to kill harmful bacteria in our water and it does a pretty good job of that, but then the chlorine itself becomes a health hazard because of the high concentrations required to meet the typical city standards. Regardless of what’s preached by the city, the foul taste is enough to convince most of us that purchasing purified water just for the taste is worth the investment.

Whole Home Water Filters

Most whole home water filters designed to remove much of the chlorine from showers still don’t remove the heavy metals toxic to humans. Water filters for home use, designed for human consumption, i.e., drinking and, and cooking, require a much higher grade of filtration like those that use reverse osmosis water technology.Call 303.922.4383 today, to determine the best equipment for your home.