A boiling water dispenser or instant hot water dispenser, provides water tap for use in making instant beverages, soups, teas and other food products requiring very hot water. The major benefit for your office kitchen is so that you do not have to wait. PureWater Dynamics services and installs office water cooler dispensers with the option of having both a cold and hot spigot.

We offer both boiling water dispensers on your office water cooler and the coffee brewer. These on demand water heaters will boil a very small amount of water as you need it. This way you do not have to take up space with a kettle or stovetop to get the job done and you won’t waste electricity keeping water heated, but will have it available when required.

The fact is that when your employees need a warm beverage first thing in the morning, they don’t want to wait. To learn a bit more about what’s important when choosing the right one for your company’s needs, you’ll want answers to these questions:

  • What are the different uses of a hot water dispenser?
  • What kinds of things are important to know?
  • What’s different about the way hot water cooler dispenser’s work?
  • Will it use more or less energy?
  • What types of features are available?

Since you can make tea, soups, cereals and other instant beverages, the uses for a boiling water dispenser are pretty much up to you without limit. Some think that the hot water spigot is not used that much, but when you think of all of the possibilities you’ll find that the people in your office will be using your water dispenser cooler, hot water spigot, all of the time in their daily morning or afternoon routines. In fact, they’ll be happy that they can bring an inexpensive drink or food to work and have a satisfying meal.

Hot Water Dispensers

In most cases, you’ll have the hot water spigot right next to the cold water spigot on your office water cooler. Since you’ll be having the water connected to the cooler for the cold water anyway, there is no additional work for its installation. Typically, the temperature will range from 140 to 200 degrees F. Each unit has safety controls that keep the temperature from getting too hot and damaging the unit. These free standing units feature a large holding tank so that there isn’t a long wait for the water to begin flowing. There are both free standing units and countertop water cooler dispensers available.

Some of the typical features include: hot and cold faucets, flexibility in the location of the unit, free installation and plumbing, several finishes and additional filtration units, depending on your water quality and purification requirements.

In any case, a boiling water dispenser for your office kitchen will be a welcome addition by your employees. Give us a call and we can provide all of the options and pricing to fit your budget.

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