The following criteria are important to research when deciding on the best water cooler for your home or office.

Best Water Cooler

Match Your Home or Company Needs

  • You will want the ability to select or adjust the water temperature. Some units only come with a cold water tap, while others offer hot water, warm water and tepid water. You will be grateful to have these extra options. In the morning you may want to make some hot chocolate and at noon you may just want a cool drink of fresh purified water.
  • Be sure that you have an adequate maintenance agreement. Every water filtration unit needs periodic maintenance, more or less depending on the concentration of minerals or contaminants in your municipal water. Get to know how filtration works.
  • The quality of the unit itself is important as the poorer quality units often get contaminated with bacteria more quickly. In addition, regular maintenance will prevent this problem.
  • Depending upon the quantity of use, you will want to discuss the materials for the unit with your supplier to ensure that you have the best match for your use.
  • Sometimes office managers have a preference for a fancier newer design and will be willing to pay more for it, while an older style unit will provide the same quality of water, but at a lower cost. Be sure to ask about these options.
  • Be sure to ask about emergency service. Many suppliers don’t work weekends or make you wait for a service rep, while a leak in the system may cause unnecessary damage. You want to ensure that in an emergency the company has “on-call” service technicians.

Evaluate Service Quality and Convenience

Typically, homes and businesses use office water cooler dispensers and coolers because of the convenience they provide and the quality of the water. Ask about the various options available and be sure that you get what you ordered. Most have the features highest in demand like instant hot water and cold water on demand.

Even after you have made your choice, you will want to pay attention to a few more issues. Often these only come up after your unit has been installed and you find some additional needs come up. Asking up front about every possible option will benefit you in the long run and avoid additional costs later on. Even so, don’t sacrifice your needs and desires for a few dollars. In the long run, when you have what you want, you will be much happier with your service.

Once you have made your choice or have a good idea about what you want, call PureWater Dynamicsfor a free quote.

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