Autoclave Systems Are Incredibly Important In Hospitals And Laboratories

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Autoclave Systems – For sterilizing and disinfecting medical devices in laboratories or hospitals, the Autoclave steam sterilizer is the preferred equipment. Even though there are multiple means for sterilizing various materials, industry standards require a certain level of sterilization and steam Autoclave units fed by purified water systems have become the industry standard.

RO Water for Autoclave Sterilizers
Autoclave System For Medical Office

In the past, harmful microorganisms were disinfected using a variety of materials including alcohol, boiling water and hydrogen peroxide. Although these do work, they do not provide a guarantee that every type of microorganism will be eliminated, as does Autoclave steam.

Purified water without contaminants is required for Autoclave steam sterilizers and RO or Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems have proven superior to distilled water for this purpose. Even boiling water doesn’t provide security enough for completely eliminating microbes through the sterilization process. Hospitals and doctors’ offices continuously get exposed to infectious diseases and pathogens.

A much more effective means needs to be used and using an Autoclave Steam Sterilizer is one of the best. These units base their process on very high temperature steam that kills bacteria at a higher temperature than boiling water does.

Since water boils at 100 degrees C and turns into steam, how do Autoclaves reach these higher temperatures? Air pressure. The physics of the process enables water to boil at a higher temperature the higher the air pressure goes. This process has proven to be much more effective at killing disease causing viruses and bacteria than boiling or using a dry heat sterilizer. Autoclaves can get to more than 120 degrees C. Water that is super heated like this is very effective in killing disease causing bacteria that can’t be destroyed by other methods.

With the help of purified water filtration systems autoclave service provided by PureWater Dynamics, a pressure steam sterilizer is the most common solution in hospitals and medical offices for cleaning and sanitizing medical devices. Even so, these units are sensitive. They will be damaged by poor quality water. It’s the organic impurities in unfiltered water that can harm Autoclave steam devices, as well as the instruments being sterilized. Unwanted chemicals and minerals in the water will bind at high temperatures to the medical devices being sterilized.

These inorganic dissolved particles include mineral salts which can corrode delicate medical instruments, as well as the Autoclave unit itself. The best filtration system for Autoclave Steam Sterilizer systems uses a two step process where an initial Reverse Osmosis filtration system is followed by a Deionization Post Filter providing a superior and simple solution. This is what we mean by Autoclave water.

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