Uses of RO/DI Water for your Autoclave Steam Sterilizers

Reverse Osmosis Water with Deionization complies with the requirements of most Autoclave sterilization applications in medicine. Even in the growing application of autoclaves in the treatment and sterilization of waste, such as hospital waste.

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Microbiology
  • Podiatry
  • Medical Waste
  • Hospital Waste
  • Veterinary Science
  • Body Piercing

This new generation of waste converters uses RO/DI water as pressurized steam and superheated water without any pressure vessels. This is especially applicable in cases where materials cannot withstand the higher temperature of hot air oven sterilizing methods. Our Autoclave maintenance service ensures you’re in compliance.

NOTE: PureWater Dynamics supplies and services the water filtration feed, but DOES NOT provide, or service autoclaves or any other medical devices.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

reverse osmosis water home system

Considered the best water purification systems available for medical device sterilization

Our reverse osmosis systems remove up to 99.9% of undesirable water contaminants by forcing municipal water through a semi-permeable membrane. Pressure forces the water to flow in the reverse direction to the direction of flow in natural osmosis resulting in the best water filtration system available. Combining autoclave water technology with Deionization and you acheive water that is suitable for any laboratory purpose and will pass any autoclave testing procedure.

These low-maintenance water purification systems are installed under the counter or back room and out of sight; perfect for your steam autoclave sterilization units.

RO/DI Water for Medical Devices

Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Medical autoclave devices use Reverse Osmosis/Deionization water as steam to sterilize equipment and other objects for the removal of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores that are inactivated during the sterilization process.

Autoclave Systems are important applications for devices and materials that cannot be sterilized with processes where high dry heat may cause damage. RO/DI water is ideal for use with steam sterilizers.

Unlike distilled water feeders, reverse osmosis with deionization systems don’t get left standing in vessels for extended periods of time as the RO/DI water is fed continuously and generated as needed.

NOTE: PureWater Dynamics DOES NOT provide, or service autoclaves or any other medical devices.

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